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Our Curriculum

At the Maffra Primary School, we offer a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). Literacy and Numeracy are the priority areas throughout the school, and we are proud of our achievements in all areas.

In addition to the traditional curriculum areas students develop knowledge, skills and behaviours within the interdisciplinary areas of thinking, use of ICT and communication.

A summary of the VELS structure can be obtained by clicking here.


    Strand     Domain

Physical, Personal and Social Learning
This strand covers:

Health and Physical Education
Interpersonal Development
Personal Learning
Civics & Citizenship

Discipline Based Learning
This strand covers:

The Arts
Humanities (Economics, history, geography)
Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Interdisciplinary Learning
This strand covers:

Design, Creativity and Technology
Information & Communication Technology (ICT)



Student Support Services

Maffra Primary School is part of the Wellington Network of schools.  Wellington Network has a Student Support Services team which offer extra assistance to schools when required.  The consultants that are part of the Support Services team are Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Special Needs Teachers and Youth Services Co-ordinator.

Referrals for these services are made from the school.  Please consult the Assistant Principal if you have any concerns which may need additional support.

Support Programs

Student Enrichment

There are a wide range of programs which enrich, extend and excite students at our school.  These include clubs, annual school musical production, camps, excursions, visiting performances, multi-age activities, buddies program, leadership opportunities as student councillors, school captains, house captains ….and the list goes on.  This is a school that offers so many wonderful opportunities.

Children With Special Needs

Our school is very inclusive with many great success stories of children on the Program for Students with Disabilities. Teacher aides are employed to assist students with special needs.

Literacy Tutor Program

Individualised instruction is offered to students in Years 1 – 6 requiring additional assistance in Literacy.  Sessions are of a 30 minute duration four times each week for six weeks.

Social Skills

We recognise the value and importance of assisting students to develop a high level of social aptitude and so implement a whole school social skills program under the direction of our student welfare teacher.  Topics are introduced at  a whole school assembly with follow up lessons in classrooms.

Maths Intervention

Extra assistance is available for students at all levels of achievement in mathematics.  Small group and individual attention is provided by specialist teachers and tutors in areas of need and in extension programs.


Excursions are an important part of a child’s education.  These include short walks in our town, and travel by bus to a range of destinations which enhance learning.  Costs are kept to a minimum but anyone who has difficulty in meeting them should discuss the matter with the Principal.  No child should miss out if it can reasonably be avoided.

Information Technology

Children have access to the very best of modern technology with desktop computers, netbooks, Ipads, and interactive whiteboards in every classroom.

Religious Education

Religious Education is available for all children. The approved syllabus of the Council of Christian Education is taught during weekly time-tabled lessons of half hour duration, where instructors are available.